Greenbriar Pool Volunteer Day!

Calling all Greenbriar Pool Volunteers!

Join us and help get the pool ready for opening day! Though we've had great volunteer support so far -- thanks to all our painters! -- we're less than 9 days from opening and there's still much to be done. To make our last push to get the final tasks and cleaning done, we'll have a Volunteer Day at the pool on Saturday, May 18th (this Saturday!). 

Among the things we'll be doing: 

+ Turning over and raking the sand in the play area

+ Weeding some of the planting areas

+ Cleaning and repositioning deck chairs and tables 

+ General cleaning of the facility and deck

So, if you're able, please plan on joining us at the pool on Saturday, beginning at 9 am. We'll work until we run out of things to do. If you have a shovel, rake, or scrub brush, please feel free to bring those, too. 

As incentive, all volunteers who join us Saturday (or any other day) will receive a "Golden Ticket" to a special swim session Friday afternoon (5/24) before opening day, just for our volunteers!* 

Thanks again for signing up as a volunteer, and hope we'll see you on Saturday!

 * (weather permitting)