Notes from General Membership Meeting

During its February 15 Annual Meeting, the Pool Board announced:

·       New white coat on pool bottom – no more rough spots

·       New parking lot lights and new pool house roof (Spring 2017)

·       New pool status communication system, to include social media, website and display in pool house lobby.


The members at the meeting amended the bylaws as follows:

·     The deadline for fee payments is April 15 (previously May 1)

·       Members may sell their membership to the club, which will sell it to interested buyers at a pre-determined market price; there will be a $500 administrative fee for this service.

·       Any Pool Board officer may sign contracts for services previously authorized by the Board (previously Secretary only)

Invoices for 2017 Maintenance Fees will be mailed shortly, please watch for them and postmark your payments on/before April 15.

Tax Day = Pool Day

Finally, something to look forward to on April 15!

The pool opens on Saturday, May 27