Fee Processing Update.

Dear Members,

It’s May, already, and I’m sure you’re looking forward to the pool opening in a few weeks. I’m sure you are also wondering if we’ve gotten your payment and you’ll be able to get into the pool on opening day! Here’s some insight into what work goes into processing your maintenance fees.

When the check is received, it has to be credited in our accounting software to your particular account. Once that’s done, your check is held until a whole batch of payments are processed, and then it’s deposited. Several deposits were made this week so you should begin to see those checks clearing the bank. Right now I am showing approximately 90 accounts where we haven’t yet opened an envelope with a check in it.

But (and here’s the good news) – we operate on a trust system here. In our pool management software (separate from the accounting software), we reset all the accounts that didn’t have a balance due in December to “unlocked” status. So if you paid your fee last year, we assume you’re good for this year and your account is in good standing and you’ll get into the pool until we are done processing all the payments we receive, and then we run a report to see which accounts have a balance, and we go and lock those accounts. So, regular members, don’t worry that we have to process your check before you get into the pool.

Now, for NEW members and renters, we can’t put you into the system until we’ve gotten all the paperwork and fees, and we do run into a lot of issues where the paperwork isn’t completed, or the fee is missing. We’ve hired extra help to deal with all the rentals and transfers this week, and are reaching out via telephone and email (where those were properly provided) to ensure that we get any missing things to process these. So I’m confident that we’ll have all of those sorted out within a week or so as well. As we process a sale or a rental into the pool management software I will be sending out emails so that folks know they’re in the system even if their check hasn’t made it through the accounting/financial side of the house yet.

We are looking at ways to improve this process this year and expect to be able to tell you about planned improvements by the end of the season.

On behalf of the board, I thank you for your patience.

Tim Metzinger
Greenbriar Pool Club, Inc