Welcome to the 2017 Greenbriar Dolphins Dive Season!

Dive Team Representatives
Tim Metzinger - tmetzinger@verizon.net - 703.963.3015
Rich McFadden - rmcfadden@radioamerica.com

We're all looking forward to a fun season this summer. I want to take a few minutes of your time to bring you up to speed on what's coming up and what's going to be different this year, and then, of course, ask for your assistance with volunteering!

Registration - For folks doing dive only, use this registration form.  Turn the form into one of the Team Reps at the first practice.  A Team Rep can be found at most evening practices.  This year you will make payment to the dive team and we will pay the appropriate fee to the pool club, rather than the other way 'round.  If you are doing both swim and dive this year, sign up and pay online with the swim team.

Practice Times - Until school is over, we have the dive well starting at 6:30 PM until 7:45 PM on Monday through Friday.  When school is out we'll have morning practices as well.

Schedule - Here's the schedule of meets and other NVSL events:
June 27 - AT Hamlet
July 5 - HOME vs. Kent Gardens
July 11 - HOME vs. Woodly
July 16 - Wally Martin Memorial 3m Meet at Oak Marr
July 18 - AT Lakeview
July 25 - HOME vs. Wakefield Chapel
July 30 - Divisional Championships 

Volunteering - The team depends on the help of the kids and the parents to ensure the meets go well. We have lots of opportunities to help out, and will have sign-ups for each meet. Here's a list of the meet jobs:

-Announcing - This position is nothing to be afraid of - you simply announce the diver name, and the dive, and the degree of difficulty (all on the sheet in front of you), then pass the sheet to the table, and read the scores as they come up. And of course, you get to call for quiet umpteen times per meet smile emoticon

-Table workers - Table workers record the scores read by the announcer, cross-check with a worker from the other team, and do the math for the final score. We need two table workers -Judging - You get the best seat in the house, and can be comfortable knowing that your score is one of five - and if you're the highest or lowest it's thrown out anyway! You need to attend an NVSL clinic (three hours or so) to be a judge. I highly recommend this - you'll get a much better understanding of what the sport is all about, and I promise you won't worry about throwing scores after your first meet is done.

-Fundraising - We're getting a jump start this Saturday with the Greenbriar Yard Sale - the pool is renting out space in the parking lot and the proceeds go to us! This is the first time we're doing this, so I'm not expecting a lot of revenue, but there's a lot of potential for this to grow as it becomes a regular thing. We have lots of opportunities to help raise funds. You can:

----Run our Dolphin Diner at home meets. This year we have two, see the schedule above
----Host a bake sale at nearby stores. We typically do well at Giant. 
----Organize a car wash at the pool.