Renting Your Membership

The Pool charges a $100 rental application fee.

As per the pool bylaws, members intending to rent their memberships must notify the club in writing before the deadline for fee payment (April 15).  This allows us to update our database and ensure that your renter can use the pool from Opening Day on.  Please send your notification along with the completed rental application form to our Pool Administrator at no later than April 15th.

While a member may rent out his membership as many times as he chooses, a renter may only rent for a total of three seasons.

  1. Complete and print the rental application. It includes detailed information on the pricess,

  2. The renter pays the owner directly for the cost of the rental.

  3. Mail in the completed application, along with payment (check payable to “Greenbriar Pool Club”) for the $100 rental application fee. The address is on the application.

  4. The rental application fee is the renter’s responsibility. The Pool advises members pay their own maintenance fees. Do not depend on the renter to send in your maintenance fees along with their rental paperwork. Renters are not aware of the April 15th due date for maintenance fees. Late fees will be assessed to your membership if maintenance fees are not received on time.

  5. Please mail your completed form to 13001 Point Pleasant Drive, Fairfax, VA 22033

You will be contacted once your application has been processed.

If you have any questions contact the administrative assistant at, or (703) 378-4421.