Grill Policy

Grills are available on a first come, first serve basis. They are located next to the tall blue wall between the toddler playground and the snack bar. Please follow the rules below when using the grills.


DO NOT place any flammable material such as smoking wood chunks or chips under the grates. 

DO NOT leave the grill unattended while in use or hot.

Cleaning the Grill
1. Run grill on high for 10 minutes 
2. Clean cooking grates with scraper 
3. Turn off grill and cool 
4. Remove, empty & clean grease trap 

Lighting the Grill
When lighting a gas grill use the 10/5 rule. If the burners do not ignite within 10 seconds: 
1. Turn off the gas completely 
2. Leave the lid wide open to vent excess gas 
3. Wait 5 minutes before attempting to relight.
<Google Hannah Storm and gas grill for more info.>

Covering the Grill
Please ensure the following before covering:
1. Grill is completely turned off 
2. Grill grates are scraped clean 
3. Grease trap is emptied and cleaned  
4. Control valves and tank valve are closed 
5. Grill is cold to the touch