GREENBRIAR POOL CLUB, INC.      Private Party Guidelines

All private parties must take place in the grassy picnic area under the Funbrella next to the sand pit.  Private parties are not allowed on the pool deck.

Party times – 3 hour blocks: 11:30 -2:30pm; 2:30-5:30 pm; 5:30-8:30 pm

All parties must be reserved with the Administrative Assistant or Pool Manager at least 48 hours prior to the event.  All requests are logged into the Private Party Book.

The guest list may not exceed 25 non-members.  Please note that “non-swimming” party guests (i.e. parents, grandparents, etc.) are considered guests and will count towards your total head count and total guest fees owed.

The attached guest list must be filled out completely and returned to the Manager or Assistant Manager 1 day prior to your party. 

Please indicate if your party guest is a ‘Pool Member’ or ‘Guest’ by placing an “X” in the appropriate column.  The lifeguard at the front gate will use this list when checking in your party guests.  This will assist them in collecting the appropriate guest fees. 

The daily guest rate is $5.00 per person.

As the host, you will be required to wear a wristband.   It will correspond with ones your non-member guests will receive upon check-in.  All non-member guests are required to wear these while they are inside the Pool property.

Hosting member will be required to leave a drivers’ license or photo I.D. at the front gate.  This will be returned after payment for guest fees is received.  Payment for guest fees is expected either prior to the party or immediately after.  The Pool accepts Checks and Credit Cards Only – No Cash.

All guests are expected to follow the Pool Rules.

Absolutely NO ALCOHOL.

You may bring in decorations (balloons, banners, streamers) but you must remove it all after your party.  NO SILLY STRING.

The Pool has 2 gas grills available for member use.  If you would like to reserve one for your party please let the Manager/Asst. Manager know when you reserve your party. Grills cannot be moved to Private Party area.  Clean-up of the grill is your responsibility and must be done when you finish using it. There will be a $25 charge if you do not clean the grill.

The Pool reserves the right to deny any party request based on previously scheduled Pool events, parties, life-guard coverage, and/or capacity limits. See website calendar for Blackout Dates and detailed info. The Pool reserves the right to adjust these dates as needed.

The Pool is not responsible for inclement weather cancellations.  Make-up dates are not guaranteed.

Guest Passes are not refundable under any circumstances.

Private Party Guest List Form (pdf)


Memorial Day (Opening) weekend

July 4

Labor Day (Closing) weekend