Reserve Your Party Space!

Have you ever tried to get a picnic table for your party at the pool, only to get there and find that there were none available?

Good news! The pool will now offer party hosts the option to reserve the picnic area in the southeast corner of the pool.  This includes the two picnic tables under the yellow and blue umbrellas in the grassy area next to the sand area and a grill.  The fee for a two hour block is just $25.

Reserving the spot for your party isn't required, but if you'd like the peace of mind that comes from knowing you won't have to camp out early at the tables to ensure they're available.

One reservation will be available every day and you can pick whatever 2 hour block you'd like (assuming the pool is open).

A reserved notice will be placed on the picnic tables the day of your event, though other members may use this area up until your reserved time.

You may continue to use the area after your time is up if no one else is waiting.

Sign up using the Party Book at the front desk of the pool!