Pool Club Bylaws Amendments Proposed by the Board of Directors

At the last General Membership Meeting in February 2014, members considered a series of amendments to the pool’s bylaws that would have altered membership requirements and delineated new responsibilities for the club’s Board of Directors. In the debate surrounding those amendments, much focus was put on the current state of the bylaws, which appeared in places to be internally inconsistent, needlessly vague, or grammatically incorrect. (The current bylaws are available on the pool website.) As a result, the board embarked this year on an effort to clean up the language in the bylaws. The board established a Bylaws Committee comprised of interested club members and board members, chaired by Board Secretary Kevin Corcoran, and tasked with recommending technical changes to the bylaws to make them more clear and consistent.

In December, the committee presented their recommendations to the Board of Directors. The board endorsed the proposed changes. That packet of bylaw amendments is available here. Thanks to committee members Michelle Lackey, Tim Metzinger, Patti Powers, Laura Reynolds, Karen Schofield, and Christopher von Simson for their work on the recommendations.

The Board of Directors proposes these amendments to clarify and simplify the bylaws. Most of the changes are simply administrative in nature and reflect the use of new technology (such as the use of e-mail for submission of bylaws amendments, notices to members, etc.), correct typographical errors or remove unnecessarily formal language.

Where more substantive changes are proposed, such as the statement of purpose (Article II) or the definition of Family Unit (Article V, Section 1), our intent is to foster greater equity among all members of the pool community, whether distinguished by where they live or the makeup of their households. The attachment notes each proposed change and includes a rationale for each.

These amendments, along with an amendment proposed by member Bart Brown and printed in the February Newsletter, will be up for approval at the General Membership meeting on Wednesday, February 18, 2015, at 7 pm at Greenbriar East Elementary School.

We hope to see you there!

Download the Bylaws Amendment Packet