Pool Club Bylaws Amendments Proposed by the Board of Directors

At the last General Membership Meeting in February 2014, members considered a series of amendments to the pool’s bylaws that would have altered membership requirements and delineated new responsibilities for the club’s Board of Directors. In the debate surrounding those amendments, much focus was put on the current state of the bylaws, which appeared in places to be internally inconsistent, needlessly vague, or grammatically incorrect. (The current bylaws are available on the pool website.) As a result, the board embarked this year on an effort to clean up the language in the bylaws. The board established a Bylaws Committee comprised of interested club members and board members, chaired by Board Secretary Kevin Corcoran, and tasked with recommending technical changes to the bylaws to make them more clear and consistent.

In December, the committee presented their recommendations to the Board of Directors. The board endorsed the proposed changes. That packet of bylaw amendments is available here. Thanks to committee members Michelle Lackey, Tim Metzinger, Patti Powers, Laura Reynolds, Karen Schofield, and Christopher von Simson for their work on the recommendations.

The Board of Directors proposes these amendments to clarify and simplify the bylaws. Most of the changes are simply administrative in nature and reflect the use of new technology (such as the use of e-mail for submission of bylaws amendments, notices to members, etc.), correct typographical errors or remove unnecessarily formal language.

Where more substantive changes are proposed, such as the statement of purpose (Article II) or the definition of Family Unit (Article V, Section 1), our intent is to foster greater equity among all members of the pool community, whether distinguished by where they live or the makeup of their households. The attachment notes each proposed change and includes a rationale for each.

These amendments, along with an amendment proposed by member Bart Brown and printed in the February Newsletter, will be up for approval at the General Membership meeting on Wednesday, February 18, 2015, at 7 pm at Greenbriar East Elementary School.

We hope to see you there!

Download the Bylaws Amendment Packet

General Membership Meeting -- Important Info and Board Candidate Bios

The Greenbriar Pool Club Annual Meeting is scheduled for Wed, Feb 19 at 7:00pm in the Greenbriar East Elementary School Library.  Due to County fire codes and space limitations, and the large amount of interest in this year’s annual meeting, only Pool members will be permitted entrance.  Additionally, the following items will be implemented to facilitate the meeting:

  • A photo ID and check-in is required by an Adult member (age 16 or over) to receive a copy of the ballots.  Check-in will begin at 6:45 pm.  
  • Please be advised that limited copies of the following materials will be provided at the meeting, so you may want to consider printing one for yourself.
  • Members can sign up to speak in response to the proposed by-law changes by going to http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20F0D49AAA72B0-requests   Each speaker will be given a maximum of 3 minutes.   (Members only, no non-member/previous renters)

The following documents are linked for your review:

a.)  Minutes from the 2013 General Membership Meeting

b.)  Agenda

c.)  Bylaw amendment proposed by Gene Nivera

d.)  Bylaw amendments proposed by Stephanie Katavolos

e.)  Process for proposed bylaw changes

Below are the 6 members who have put forth their names for consideration for the 3 open pool board positions.  Please take a moment to read through them. 

Kerry Dangerfield-Monroe:  My name is Kerry Dangerfield-Monroe and I have been a member of Greenbriar Pool since 2010.  For the past 3 summers I have watched the board  maintain and improve the pool as well as the membership's camaraderie.  Between the swim/dive teams, the Patsy Graham relay races, and the many wonderful Saturday parties, the board has a lot on their plates.  Now it's time to throw my own hat into the ring.  With 2 elementary aged children, I will be in the area for the long haul and plan to be an active member of the pool, and board if elected.   I look forward to meeting those I haven't met yet, and working with the entire membership.

Peter Bayer:  I am Peter Bayer and I am running for a position on the Greenbriar Pool (the Pool) Club Board of Directors (the Board).  I have been a member of the Pool since 1998 when we moved to western Fairfax.   I am passionate about community involvement and a strong believer in public service; I’d like to apply my passion and abilities to build upon the great facility we have to keep the Pool one of the best in Northern Virginia.  My recent volunteer activities include: 

·         three years on the board of St. John’s Episcopal Church, including two years as Senior Warden, the chief legal official of the church exercising lawful authority in all legal and financial matters

·         seven years on the board and architecture review committee of my home owners association

·         four years as a Northern Virginia Swim League official

Professionally, I am a management consultant and have served as an executive at Deloitte Consulting LLP, BearingPoint Inc. and currently Intuitive.IT running multi-million dollar business units, and advising public and private sector clients on improving operational performance.  I will apply both my professional management skills and experience serving in similar board positions of community service organizations to the safe and financially prudent operation, management and maintenance of the Pool for the benefit of our community.

Kevin Corcoran:  My family and I have been pool members since 2000; my wife Deborah and I have three children (16, 14, 12), and many of our fondest summer memories revolve around Greenbriar Pool.  I have served in array of community volunteer positions, with over dozen years on my various homeowners associations, including two years as a District Representative in the Greenbriar Civic Association.

In my professional life, I am the President and CEO of the Eye Bank Association of America, a 501c3 non-profit organization in Washington.  I have over 25 years’ experience in non-profit management, and hold the Certified Association Executive designation from the American Society of Association Executives.  I look forward to uniting my professional knowledge and experience with my commitment to our community to ensure that Greenbriar Pool remains a strong and vibrant organization.

Timothy “Tim” Metzinger:  I have been a Greenbriar resident for thirteen years, and this will be my family’s sixth year of pool membership. My daughter has been a member of the dive team for the past four seasons. I feel fortunate to be a member of this organization, both for my own enjoyment and on behalf of my family. Quite a few of my neighborhood friendships grew out of acquaintances made during the summers at the pool.

Professionally, I am a senor engineering manager in the US Department of the Treasury. I have technical strengths with information technology, security, as well as supervisory and project management skills. I have a background in the arts, having majored in music in college, and frequently put those skills to work doing sound engineering for Greenbriar West and for the dive meets. I also teach with the Girl Scouts of America, and teach people to fly in small airplanes as well as flying them myself.  If elected to the board, I hope to participate in the planning for future renovations to the pool in order to modernize and improve the facility and its amenities. I want to maintain the high levels of transparency and accountability we’ve seen in the last year, and ensure that even though it is unlikely we’ll make everybody happy, we will maintain the respect of the membership.

James “Jim” Williams:  My wife Kerry and I, and our three daughters,  have been members since 2008 and I would consider it a privilege to give back to an organization that has brought us so much enjoyment over the years. I have a wide range of professional and organizational experiences and I would enjoy an opportunity to serve our club in any capacity the board and members see fit.   Professionally, I am the Director of Sales – Intelligent Solutions Group for John Deere Company, and prior to that I was president and COO of INTEK Technology. 

John Ayers:  I live in Fairlakes Glen with my wife Tiffany, and daughters Addison (7) and Hayden (4).  I am originally from southern Virginia, growing up in Bedford.  I attended the University of Virginia, receiving my BA in American Studies and Duke University for my MBA.  I have lived in Texas, San Francisco, and Sydney.  I married Tiffany while living in San Francisco and returned to Virginia in 2005. I have worked at American Management Systems, several Silicon Valley start ups (some successes, some failures), SAIC, and most recently founded a new company, REDLattice.  My daughters are active on the swim team and are looking forward to summer.  Tiffany and I are thankful for the Community that the Greenbriar Pool has offered us and we have established fantastic friendships through our membership.